Hong Kong Community Radio on September 11th 2023


You can listen to the archive of the mix that was aired on the Bedouin Records program of Hong Kong Community Radio on September 11th from here. This time, I have compiled the mix with my own compositions. Please use it as background music for work, sleep, and more.

Enter the sonic universe of Junya Tokuda, a visionary Osaka-based electronic musician who intricately weaves innovation and artistry into his compositions. With a diverse repertoire, including previous releases like “map not seen EP,” “A Day In The Alley,” “Unleash EP,” and “No Man’s Land,” Tokuda’s musical journey extends beyond performance, encompassing the management of Linesound web label and the orchestration of the immersive “Line” electronic music event. “VANITY RE-MAKE/RE-MODEL Vol.1,” ingeniously remixes Tokyo-based project Tolerance by Junko Tange. This album, conceived in parallel with “Anemic Cinema,” showcases Tokuda’s mastery of dub-like spatial effects, resulting in an ethereal interplay between fragmented Tolerance elements and oceanic soundscapes. Evoking tactile ASMR-like sensations and skillfully integrating foreign components, Tokuda’s music transcends conventional boundaries, revealing hidden patterns amidst hard, distorted sounds. An exhilarating, magical work that unveils his caliber as an artist.