Junya Tokuda『Sporadic Glitch』


Bandcamp : https://linesound.bandcamp.com/album/sporadic-glitch
Apple Music : https://music.apple.com/jp/album/sporadicglitch/1625038283

Released on May 21, 2022

1.Immense Pulse
2.Pruning Conceptions
4.Sporadic Glitch
5.Horizonless Maze
7.Synaptic Cascade
8.Take Shelter
9.Simulacrum – Valance Drakes Remix

Written by Junya Tokuda
Artwork by Junya Tokuda
©2022 linsesound / all rights reserved

4th original album by Osaka-based electronic musician Junya Tokuda released from Linesound.
This album includes a remix by Valance Drakes.
In addition to performing live and releasing works, Junya Tokuda runs the web label Linesound and organizes the electronic music event “Line”.
His previous releases include “map not seen EP” (Linesound, 2011), “A Day In The Alley” (shrine.jp, 2016), “Unleash EP” (LongLongLabel, 2018), “No Man’s Land” (shrine.jp, 2020). jp, 2020), “Anemic Cinema”(remodel, 2021), a remix album of Tolerance “VANITY RE-MAKE/RE-MODEL Vol.1”, and his track was included in a two-disc compilation, “a sign 2”, released in May 2020.